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Paul Jennings

Enter the sum

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03/12/2011 - just received a copy via readitswapit! So excited to read these again :)Thoughts as of 06/12/2011 -Pink Bow Tie - aha, the Age Rager which can make people become older or younger. Very short (or perhaps I just havent read a PJ short story in a while?) but also very Paul Jennings. Love it.One Shot Toothpaste - ew, the giant, fusty tooth and the creepy guy who terrorised all the animals by brushing their teeth! Delightfully weird.Theres No Such Thing - its Paul Jennings, of COURSE there is such a thing! The one where Grandpa is in the nursing home and his mean nurse doesnt believe in dragons. Until...Inside Out - the ghost who eventually passes his exam -) Maybe a bit too much left to the imagination here...The Busker (made me cry, if I am thinking of the correct one - the dog?) - YES OH GOD YES IT STILL MADE ME CRY!! Poor little Tiny, worshipping the Busker despite all he did and then giving her live to keep him alive *bawls* I was a wreck for an hour or so last night. Hmph.Souperman - I was never a fan of this one, I guess since I was never a comic book/Superman sort of kid. In which Souperman gets his strength from tinned soup. Amusing but still not a favourite, though the ending is fun.The Gum Leaf War (favourite!) - yep, still one of my most favourites :) I love the idea so much and the Round the Twist episode is still so wonderfully vivid in my mind!Birdscrap - one of THE most disgusting stories ever :P All that seagull poo is just gross... my mum hated this RTT episode XDSnookle - I love this one :D I wish it was longer, but the narrator gets tired of (and then gets the better of!) Snookle very fast.