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Hamit Walter Kempowski


Walter Kempowski

Published February 28th 2006
ISBN : 9783813502275
430 pages
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 About the Book 

nd A personal diary from 1990.With many impressions and experiencesabout the German Reunion.Kempowski, born 1929 in Rostock, losthis father in 1945 in war. He and his brother and mother were arrested by the Russians and the DDR,he spent many yearsin Bautzen prison. Later Kempowski fled to the Western part of Germany and worked there as a village schoolteacher for some years.The language of Kempowski is uncomplicatedand very direct like the one of people you meet on the road.I think this book is not translated in English, there very very special privat German and privat historical experiences talked about.There is also an extraordinary special personal point of view about people aeventsabout people Kempowski knows and meetsin this time